Teacher Program

A teacher is an unsung sincere fighter to educate the nation. – Ki Hajar Dewantara-

Teachers are the main pillars in the progress of the nation. They shape the younger generation, transferring essential knowledge, values and skills. Teachers also help forming students’ character and ethics, guiding them toward a successful and responsible future. A teacher’s ability as the foundation of the nation is to inspire, motivate and guide students.

We are longing for teachers in Maluku to become competent teachers in order to create an educated, critical-minded, and productive society.

The ultimate goal is that teachers are not only educators, but also agents of social change who play a key role in building an inclusive and cultured society.

Teacher Training Program

Pelatihan Guru Menggunakan Metode STEAM Bersama Miss Vanessa
Pelatihan Guru Memanfaatkan Sampah Dan Bahan Alam
Pelatihan Guru PAUD di Kisar
Pelatihan Guru PAUD di Desa Waai
Pelatian Digital Inklusi Untuk Guru Kecamatan Leitimur Selatan