Our Board

It is an honor to introduce the individuals who play a critical role in the successful operation and management of our foundation. Their commitment, expertise and leadership play a critical role in advancing our mission and making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Governing Board

Elsye Christalia Pelupessy

Governing Board Chairwomen

Evan Irianov Purba

Member of Governing Board

Marlein Manuhutu

Member of Governing Board

Supervisory Board

Hestin K. O. Klaas

Supervisory Board Chairwomen

Christopher Pentury

Member of Supervisory Board

Hellen Y. A. Hendriks

Member of Supervisory Board


Imanuel Friendly


Head of Director

Mega Marlova


Operations Director

Tirsana Wendry Kailola

Program Director

Sanro Jovan Latarissa

Finance Director

Paskah Soumokil

Member of Program Director

Selina Maitimu

Social Media

Sinra Pattiasina