Commited to make a positive and lasting impact for child and youth in Maluku by creating positive and safe learning spaces for children and empowering youth to grow according to their potential, based on the faith to God Almighty, rooted in Maluku wisdom and able to face the challenges in life.


Creating a safe and positive environment fo children to grow and learn

Providing youth opportunities to develop themselves and empower themselves to become agents of change in society.


We believe that our vision can be achieved by aligning with the values ​​of integrity, inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and impactful, manifested in programs.


Parenting Programs

Encouraging and ensuring the fulfillment of children’s rights in the family

Preschool & Elementary teachers training

Encourage and helping create a child-centred school environment

children programs

Helping children to grow, to be the best version of themselves and contribute to community.


Encouraging the government to pursue positive policies for child-centred education and its implementation at schools


Youth Training

Providing opportunities for youth to learn and develop themselves


Connecting youth with various networks to create change in society