Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking Classes for Wansar Children

Sep 3, 2023Education, Hope

Children Need Critical and Creative Thinking

Yayasan Pohon Sagoe Maluku and Inspiring Development, in collaboration with SDN 16 Fena Leisela, conducted various literacy and critical thinking activities for children in Wansar. These activities took place as part of the Wansar Community Development program from July 2nd to July 7th, 2023. The activities were held at the building of SD Negeri 16 Fena Leisela in Buru Regency. There are only two usable rooms in this school, with a total of approximately 38 students. In addition to the elementary school children, there was also great enthusiasm among children aged 4-6 to participate in the activities.

This program is a part of the Wansar Community Development Program supported by the US Department of State through the Community Collaboration Impact Grant awarded to two alumni of the Community Solutions Program, Mega Pattiasina and Dorisco Kainama.

The initiative for these activities came from the invitation of the Headmaster of SD Negeri 16 Fena Leisela to collaborate. Wansar is one of the traditional villages where its children have not had access to proper education like other children. So far, only two children have continued their education to college. Wansar lacks access to electricity due to the difficult road access, and there is no telephone network. Nevertheless, the spirit of the children to progress is extraordinary. They have even walked for approximately 6 hours to reach the parent village in order to participate in a cultural event organized by the government. With only four teachers available, this collaboration is much needed by the community.

The children were taught by Iftin Yuninda, Riyan Suatrat, and Triselia Maitimu. The activities included reading aloud classes, writing stories based on the potential of Wansar village, beginner English classes, critical and creative thinking classes through science and art. Various competitions were also held, such as word composition, storytelling, collage, puzzle, and mathematics competitions to assess the literacy and creativity of the children.

According to the teachers, the children of Wansar quickly grasped the material taught and had a great sense of curiosity. They eagerly and happily learned anything that was given to them without getting bored. Classes were held from 9 am to 12:30 pm and continued in the afternoon. Hopefully, these activities can help the community and children in Wansar.


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