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Skills for Inclusive Digital Participation (SIDP) is a project funded by the FCDO of the British Government, which has been implemented in Indonesia, Kenya, and Nigeria since April 2021. The main objective of this project is to build the capacity of individuals or groups who are digitally underserved, such as young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, women, and persons with disabilities. The project aims to help them develop the necessary digital competencies to actively participate in digital life and online activities safely.

In Maluku, since 2022, the Pohon Sagoe Foundation has been serving as a local partner of the British Council responsible for organizing SIDP activities at the regional level. Through cooperation with the FCDO of the British Government and various stakeholders, this initiative targets individuals or groups who have not yet been reached digitally, with a focus on expanding their reach and enhancing their digital skills. SIDP activities are carried out in four locations in Maluku, namely Ambon City, Wansar Village on Buru Island, Banda Island, and Saparua Island. Involving 150 participants, including youth, women, and 100 participants with disabilities, this program provides valuable opportunities for them to acquire essential digital skills needed in today’s digital era.

One prominent aspect of implementing SIDP activities in Ambon City is the focus on including people with disabilities, especially those who are deaf. Involvement of influencers and friends from Komunitas Teman Tuli (the Deaf Community) of Ambon City as interpreters not only facilitates communication but also ensures that friends with disabilities can be fully engaged in the training. This activity involves several special needs schools (SLB) in Ambon City and the disability community in Ambon City.

Furthermore, volunteers from the Pohon Sagoe Foundation involved in the project are given sign language training so that they can provide more effective support to friends with disabilities. This initiative not only strengthens inclusion in activities but also provides an opportunity for volunteers to develop new skills and broaden their understanding of disability issues. This is the first digital training activity conducted by the Pohon Sagoe Foundation using sign language.

The SIDP program in Maluku not only provides access to digital skills but also opens doors to new opportunities and improves the quality of life for all participants. With strong cooperation between the Pohon Sagoe Foundation, British Council, Deaf Community, and various other stakeholders, SIDP in Maluku has proven its success in promoting digital inclusion and expanding access for those who are digitally underserved.


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