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We see directly the existing problems. The impact of this problem is very real. We summarize the impact in several points:

  • Low literacy skills
  • Lack of confidence
  • Weakness to be able to think critically
  • Lack of creativity
  • Being naughty because of being treated badly at school

About Us

Everyone deserves a qualified and better life. Not only in a family, but also as a part of society

Our Work

Base on our vision and mission, we have 3 main programs: Children’s Program, Teacher Training Program, Youth Program.



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What is the Pohon Sagoe Foundation?

Pohon Sagoe Maluku Foundation is an educational foundation founded by a group of young people from Maluku. The aim is to help solving problems related to education in Maluku.

What does the Pohon Sagoe Foundation do?

We have 3 main programs, namely:

Children’s Program
Teacher Training Program
Youth Program.

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How can I donate to the Sagoe Tree Foundation?

To donate, you can go through QRIS (for all Indonesian bank or e-wallet payments and also transfers to the Sagoe Tree Foundation account.

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