Our Story

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Story

Everyone deserves a qualified and better life. Not only in a family, but also as a part of society which is manifested in fullfiness of the needs of education, health, economy, socio-culture, and so on.


Creating a safe and positive learning environment for children and youth to grow according to their potential, faith in God Almighty, and the values of local Maluku wisdom so that they are able to face global challenges.


  1. Creating a safe and positive environment for children to grow and develop
  2. Providing opportunities for youth to develop themselves and be empowered to become agents of change in societ


We believe that our vision can be achieved by aligning the values of integrity, inclusion, innovation, collaboration and impact, which are embodied in our programs.

Our Story

Therefore we opened ourselves as a foundation to accommodate and connect all people who have the same desire to build Maluku. Through collaboration with all stakeholders, local organization and young people, social problems in Maluku can be resolved.

Pohon Sagoe Maluku has a vision to empower children and youth to grow to be the best version of themselves. In a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, and focused on people, we highly value our existence as individuals. As we also believe that every child and youth are born with good values ​​that must ultimately be helped to develop, as the first step to create qualified leaders in the future.

Compassion arising from the injustices and poverty experienced by children and youth in Maluku fosters empathy in our hearts. We are a group of young people in Ambon with several different backgrounds but committed to create a better environment for children and youth to grow and learn. Lack of books, limited access to information, lack of qualified teachers encourage us to be present as part of the agent of change in Maluku.

Despite all that, we are fully aware that these conditions—injustice, backwardness, and neglect cannot be eradicated by just one person or one organization. 

The programs of Pohon Sagoe focus on a commitment to create a positive and safe learning environment for both children and youth. So that it helps them to grow and find their potential that is rooted in local wisdom and global worldview.

We believe that our vision can be achieved by aligning with the values ​​of integrity, inclusion, harmony living innovation, collaboration, and impactful, manifested in programs.


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Helen Keller